Saturday, June 25

Ice Cream!

Today, as a reward for working their little tails off and cleaning the entire house (no joke!), we had ice cream. I had my son walk around, taking flavor requests from everyone. Then, I took two of my girls with me to the store, and we stood on the Frozen Delight aisle to select the yumminess.

I love ice cream. So does my husband. When we were first married, I think we went a little nuts because we were suddenly the "grown ups" and we could have ice cream whenever we wanted and eat how much we wanted, and no one was there to tell us otherwise.

It was overkill.

Eventually, we came to our, ahem, adult senses. I realized we had overdone it when there was ice cream that stayed in the freezer for days and days at a time and no one cared. How had we become jaded to ice cream?

Now, we only have ice cream every once in a while. And by "every once in a while" I mean less than once a month...including birthdays. It's a good thing. So, tonight, bringing home four flavors of ice cream was a big deal.

I am ashamed to admit that we might have eaten ice cream in place of the regularly scheduled dinner. I am sheepish to acknowledge that - betwixt the eight of us - we ate it all. Except the strawberry ice cream. There's still half the container left. Someone might eat it for breakfast.

I am grateful for ice cream. I am not too old or too self-conscious to admit it. I am grateful for self-imposed rarity, because it makes ice cream even more enjoyable because of its unfamiliarity. Because you know, familiarity breeds, uh, contempt. And contempt for ice cream is tragic. I am grateful for my children who did such an phenomenal and thorough job on housekeeping today, that ice cream was definitely in order. And I am grateful that there is some strawberry ice cream left...

What are you blessed with today?

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