Saturday, March 26

Foul Weather

It seems like a tradition where I live: every year, during Spring Break, it snows. And we all moan and whine about it. Every year.

It snowed yesterday. And this morning. But I am not whining. Why? Because the snow has facilitated a lovely, leisurely Saturday morning. Soccer games have been cancelled. The service project has been cancelled. Instead of running around meeting the different items in our itinerary and checking Stuff off our List, we had the first good bit of "down time" we've had in a great while.

It was blissful.

Yup, good stuff. This morning was like a Saturday morning out of Myth and Legend. We don't see them very often, and I was beginning to think they didn't actually exist any more.

I am grateful for foul weather. I am grateful for time with my little family with no outside obligations and no pressing time commitments. I am grateful for breakfast for lunch.

Thursday, March 24

Open Thank You Note: Zanna & the Purple Blanket

Dear Zanna,

I have been sitting here holding my sweet baby wrapped up in her "Zanna" blanket. You have made a blanket for all my babies since I've known you (not to mention countless other babies!). All of them are loved and used and washed (repeat!), but this one is my personal favorite.

Every one of my children has used this blanket. We all love the soft side, and we have used it all winter long, it's so warm! I have missed snuggling my baby's soft skin, because it was winter, and we needed to keep her dressed and bundled and warm. But this blanket makes it so I can cuddle her squishy little self all wrapped up in the warmth and softness. I can wrap her up right after a bath and hold her close and nuzzle her neck. Plus, it's so regally purple, as is befitting a Princess.

Thank you for this blanket. Thank you for your friendship, and for all the warmth and comfort and love you bring into my life.


Wednesday, March 23

52 Words Challenge: Order

The next word from the {Words of Me} Project's 52 Word Challenge is: Order.

Oh dear. 

Can I choose the definition on this one? Is it Order as in "order a cheeseburger" or "an executive order"? Does it have to be Order as in " a house of order, a house of God"?

See, the definition matters. Because putting things in order is something I struggle with. Actually, I am really good at putting things in order, it's making the time to do so that I never seem to master (I say, as I sit here blogging instead of keeping house). 

I love order, I really do. My favorite things are usually tools of order, such as office supplies, and bookshelves. Shall I confess to the unholy coveting I have indulged in over the overpriced organization systems in the Pottery Barn catalogs? It's true.

I truly believe that adage about cleanliness being next to godliness. It's so much easier to feel at peace, and to have Christlike feelings to my fellow house-mates when the house is in order. I know from experience that sustained mental clarity can only follow physical orderliness. 

And there is something infinitely satisfying about taking a situation of chaos and disarray and bringing it to order. There are a few places in my life that never seem to be in order. But there are some things that are. Or, at least, often are. And I am thankful for those moments in those places. I am grateful for my mother, who taught me how to clean and organize and "de-junk" and put things to rights. I am grateful for my children, who are learning. And who are even happy about helping often enough for it to matter. 

What are you blessed with today?

Tuesday, March 22

A Chance to Serve

Our friend is in the hospital. She is only eleven, and she will be in the hospital for a while. Everyone is doing all they can to help and support the family. It's hard to know what to do! I know from experience that when someone asks, "What can I do to help?"  it is hard to think of a legitimate answer, right there on the spot. And it's hard to ask for help. So when our friend's mom asked if we could cover the paper routes (they do two), I said yes.

My children were less enthusiastic about the service opportunity. But they helped me anyway. We rolled papers and delivered the first route in less than an hour between us. The second route was put off until the evening, and storm clouds were gathering. We went out to deliver the second route, reading the maps with flashlights, and praying that God would hold off the rain until we were done.

He did. And my four-year-old delivered all of one side of one street by herself, she was so pleased to be part of it!

I am grateful for a chance to serve. And in a tangible, non-casserole way that our whole family could take part in. We will continue to pray for this girl, of course, and I will take in a casserole if they give me a chance. But I am thankful to be in a position to help, to lift, and to do good.

What are you blessed with today?