Sunday, June 26


My oldest daughter gets the opportunity to spend some time this summer with one of her out-of-state aunts. This is a big deal for everyone involved. For me, I'm excited for her to see new places and have new experiences. For her, she gets to do something no one else in her family has done, and it's cool/frightening/wonderful. For my sister, she gets to have someone to "play" with (her two children are very young), and have a little help at home for a few days.

My sister was a teenager when my daughter was very young, so it has come almost full circle.

She called me, my sister, to ask about some stuff she wanted to do while my girl was staying there. She didn't want to step on my "mother" toes, and she was double-checking to make sure it was OK and all that. I gave her my stamp of approval and wished her luck and fun times and whatever.

Later, I was thinking about it, and I was impressed again with the value of family backup. My older children are moving into that realm where things will sound better coming from someone besides me: aunts, friends, whomever. I remember being the backup for my mom with my younger brothers and sisters. I am now seeing it in my children and my nieces and nephews.

I am grateful for backup. I cannot find the words to describe my relief in knowing that I have a whole family posse behind me, with the best interests of my children at heart. When I am uncool and outmoded and embarrassing, a grandmother or a fun uncle or a young, fashionable aunt can (and will, thank Heaven!) step in and back me up. I love it. I am counting on it. I am grateful for it. Also, I love my big, sprawling family. I am very, very grateful for them.

What are you blessed with today?

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