Saturday, July 2

Guest Post: Nature's Roller Coasters

[From the dear woman behind My Life as Mrs. Goob]

Yesterday my family and I had the pleasure of being invited over for dinner at a friends house. On the way there my husband and I were discussing the things we needed to get done before we leave on an upcoming trip. My stress levels were rising the more we talked and realized the amount of work we had to do in such little time. 

Suddenly, without warning, our 3 year old son let out a high pitched scream. I just about jumped out of my skin!

We look back at him not really sure what to expect. But there he sat with a big grin on his face and his hands in the air. It was then that it dawned on us what he was doing. It's something we've done with the kids for years when travelling the hilly Missouri roads. 

When we see an approaching hill, we pretend to brace ourselves for the fall of the "roller coaster" and as we go down we yell "Weeeee!!" with our hands in the air. It always makes road trips a little more interesting and will keep the toddler entertained for quite awhile. 

I am thankful that my children and husband were able to snap me out of my stress bubble. (My husband joined in on the fun, which is a sight all it's own.)

I am thankful for Nature's roller coasters. 

Friday, July 1

Guest Posts

It must be summer, because the heat is on. Not just the hot and humid weather, but the pressure and business of projects and schedules and all of the stuff that comes with summer.

I am getting mildly frantic about what is coming up for me personally, and for my family, and all that is yet to be done. It's good stuff coming, but the stress and work involved is significant.

This blog means a great deal to me, and I want to stay current. Not every day (or week!) is like that, though. So, I have called upon my gal pals.

I am one lucky gal, because I have so many of them. And even though they all have busy lives as wives and mothers and volunteers and employers (and bloggers), they have agreed to share a personal moment of gratitude in their own lives.

I am grateful for guest posts. I am grateful for my friends, who do so much for me to lift and help and cheer. I don't know where I would be without them. Literally.

What are you blessed with today?

Wednesday, June 29


Today is the birthday of my grandmother-in-law, who is no longer with us. She is my husband's maternal grandma. She has been gone a tad over a year now, and it still seems like I am about to see her around the corner, or hear her voice on the phone.

I do miss her, but not in a miserable way. Her life was long and full and lived with grace and dedication. I love her. I love her for the example she was to me, and for the influence she is to my children, and for the wonderful memories we all have thanks to her.

If you must know, I knew her better than either one of my own grandmothers.

I am grateful for remembrances. I am grateful for the chance to know this woman, and to have her in our lives while she was here. I am grateful for her legacy of faith and service. I draw upon it often, for myself and for my children. I am going to keep marking her birthday on my calendar, year after year, because it is a good thing to remember.

What are you blessed with today?

Tuesday, June 28

Sincere Praise

We often feed the missionaries dinner. Tonight, one of the Elders was ill, so a young man from our branch filled in for him.

Dinner was chicken enchiladas and rice + side dish stuff. This is something I don't serve often, because I don't feel that "eat your food or suffer the consequences!" is very good dinner table conversation. When we have guests -which isn't often enough, frankly - I know I can serve more interesting food and still have people eat/enjoy it...besides my husband and myself, that is.

Well. This young man more than enjoyed it. He raved about it. He politely requested seconds. He declared it better than the food at his favorite restaurant. He said I should open a restaurant of my own. He sheepishly accepted thirds. He just about licked his plate.

Sometimes I forget the amazing power of a sincere compliment or two (or several!). At the time, it was just scattered into the general dinner conversation. And my husband and the Elder both mentioned how tasty it was to them. But it is the enthusiastic and repeated praise of this young man that keeps rolling through my head, and every time I remember it, I smile.

I am grateful for sincere praise. I forget how much I am buoyed up by it until it happens again. It's a bit of a chore for me to accept it, too, because my reaction is to point out all the flaws and reasons praise is not necessary. I'm working on it. Accepting sincere compliments and  praise is a crucial part of being whole. Giving it, I feel, is doing God's work for Him in helping His children feel loved, needed, important and unique. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of that, on the giving and receiving end.

What are you blessed with today?

Sunday, June 26


My oldest daughter gets the opportunity to spend some time this summer with one of her out-of-state aunts. This is a big deal for everyone involved. For me, I'm excited for her to see new places and have new experiences. For her, she gets to do something no one else in her family has done, and it's cool/frightening/wonderful. For my sister, she gets to have someone to "play" with (her two children are very young), and have a little help at home for a few days.

My sister was a teenager when my daughter was very young, so it has come almost full circle.

She called me, my sister, to ask about some stuff she wanted to do while my girl was staying there. She didn't want to step on my "mother" toes, and she was double-checking to make sure it was OK and all that. I gave her my stamp of approval and wished her luck and fun times and whatever.

Later, I was thinking about it, and I was impressed again with the value of family backup. My older children are moving into that realm where things will sound better coming from someone besides me: aunts, friends, whomever. I remember being the backup for my mom with my younger brothers and sisters. I am now seeing it in my children and my nieces and nephews.

I am grateful for backup. I cannot find the words to describe my relief in knowing that I have a whole family posse behind me, with the best interests of my children at heart. When I am uncool and outmoded and embarrassing, a grandmother or a fun uncle or a young, fashionable aunt can (and will, thank Heaven!) step in and back me up. I love it. I am counting on it. I am grateful for it. Also, I love my big, sprawling family. I am very, very grateful for them.

What are you blessed with today?