Friday, June 24


Tonight, I had the opportunity to sit in a field, and listen to birds and the insects and the breeze. We watched the sun set, and then we watched the fireflies. The weather was perfect, the field was full of was all very quiet and serene.

It was sublime.

When did this city girl trade in her bus pass and her shopping habits for wildflowers and fireflies? How did I get to where I'd rather spend a couple of hours watching red-wing blackbirds catch bugs for their babies, and talk about ordinary things and watch the sun set?

I don't care how it happened. It's where I am at, and I like it.

I am grateful for those sublime moments. They aren't at all what I thought I'd be enjoying when Young me planned my life out. What did I know back then, anyway? I am grateful for the opportunity to take a breather at the end of an intense couple of weeks, and just enjoy the simple, rural beauty of the world around me. I am grateful for the pace of my life that enables me to find pleasure in small and simple things.

What are you blessed with today?

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