Monday, June 20

Light Show

It's been a storm-off/storm-on kind of week. Yesterday, as the day was winding down, and we were saying goodbye to family and going home from Fathers Day visiting, the clouds were huge and piled high.

On our way home, I pointed them out to our children, and they started calling out the "cloud pictures" they were seeing: a witch face with a mushroom hat, a child riding on a dragon head, a robot waving a flag, that sort of thing. This lasted until sunset.

Then the lightening started. The last half-hour of our trip was spent watching the spectacular lightening that was going on in the sky in front of us.

It was amazing. The flashes never stopped. We could see some bolts of lightening, some were just brief bright places behind the massive clouds. It was the best display of Nature's "shock and awe" I've seen in a long time.

The storm must have been moving pretty fast, because we never heard any thunder, and we never hit rain or wind, even though we were going 70 mph up the highway.

I am grateful for the phenomenal light show put on by God. I have always loved watching storms! This one was gorgeous and just kept going and going. I am also - once again! - grateful for safety. We had no sooner arrived home and unloaded our tired selves then my husband turned on the weather radio. That's when we learned we had been under a tornado watch, the town sirens had gone off, and most of our friends and neighbors had been in their basements and storm shelters.    !!!    We got in town just as it ended. So, I am really, really grateful for safety. And a beautiful storm.

What are you blessed with today?

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