Monday, January 31


We had to drive down to the city today. There was no way around it. An icy drizzle had been falling all morning, but we couldn't put it off. We said a prayer before we left.

In the last six weeks of 2010, we had to replace two different tires on our vehicle. It was not in the budget either time. One of the tires went out with a dramatic farewell, and was mildly traumatizing. But we needed the van, so we took a deep breath and replaced the tires. We tightened our figurative belts and trusted that the Good Lord would see us through.

Today, I am thankful for those new tires. They made the difference in our safety. I am inclined to wonder if God didn't have a hand in those two flat tires, knowing in advance that we needed new tires for our safety, but that we wouldn't replace them until it was an emergency. I do not doubt His ability to answer prayers before I even think to say them. I am thankful for new tires, for safety in travel, and for a Father in Heaven who watches over me so tenderly.

What are you blessed with today?

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