Sunday, January 30


Not every post of thankfulness has to be deep and profound. Today, I am thankful for chocolate chip cookies.

Especially chocolate chip cookies that are still hot from the oven, that are gooey enough to be floppy in your hand and licked off your fingers.

Especially when I am sharing them with friends at the end of a chaotic day, at the end of a long and stressful month.

Especially when you get to eat the dough with your kids, and still have enough for several pans of big, yummy cookies. And if I get to take home a plate of cookies to stash on top of the fridge for extended enjoyment tomorrow, so much the better.

Yup, I am pretty sure chocolate chip cookies are something to give thanks for. Particularly under these circumstances.

I am grateful for chocolate chip cookies. And good friends. And the God's good grace to get me through a tough month.

What are you blessed with today?

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