Saturday, June 4


Today, my husband used the Chilton's Manuel for our little 20-year-old car and replaced the water pump. First time ever, and a complete success.

Not the first time he's worked on our vehicle(s), or even the first time he's put Chilton on the job. Just the first time with a water pump. And it works. Perfectly.

Yeah. He's that cool.

Until I met him, I didn't know what "DIY " stood for, let alone who the Chilton people were. I certainly didn't have the confidence to willfully dismantle the front half of my car based on a few illustrations in a book.

The DIY spirit is alive and kicking in our little family, thanks to the example set by the dad. I have picked up on it, to be sure, and it has spread from there. Even the toddler lets us know on a regular basis that "I do it uh-self!" Our daughters make their own stuffed animals and stationary. My oldest son is ingenious and persistent in finding ways to get access to what interests him.

I am grateful for the whole DIY concept. I am grateful for the independent, provident life it fosters, for the confidence and satisfaction it provides, and for the security in knowing I/he/we can do pretty much anything around here that needs doing.

What are you blessed with today?

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