Thursday, June 2

At the End of the Day

I love that moment, at the end of the day, when dinner is cleared off the table and the curtains are closed, after we've had family prayer and the children are kissed and tucked in. That moment when, I sit on the bed, fluff my pillow, and lay down.

Of course, sometimes the day doesn't end like that. Sometimes I'm up late (maybe blogging?) or a child needs extra attention or the baby thinks it's playtime. Sometimes we're away from home for the weekend, and I have to wait until we get home to our own beds.

Still, there is the moment when I lay down, with the lamp off and tomorrow's alarm set. And I can close my eyes. Maybe I'll go right to sleep, maybe I'll lay there thinking about stuff, maybe my husband and I will talk about the day and compare notes.

I am grateful that, no matter how the day has played out, whatever happened, I can look forward to that moment when I relax into my pillow, and know that whatever I did or did not do, it is sufficient for the day. And just like Scarlott O'Hara, I know that tomorrow is another day.

What are you blessed with today?

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