Sunday, May 29

No, I Did Not Forget

We were out of town for the Memorial Day weekend, therefor I did not have access to my calendar or my blog(s). But that does not mean I forgot your birthday.

Even though my husband programmed it wrong into his blackberry, and I called you the day before to sing to you because I sincerely believed it was the 29th, and  you stopped me before I was half-way through the song to correct me, I did not forget your birthday. Every May, as we work our way through the girls' birthdays, I think to myself about how you always teased me that one of my children was supposed to be born on your birthday, but that I kept screwing it up and was doomed to keep having kids in May until I got it right. And it makes me smile. And I remember your birthday.

As long as I have children who were born this month (and I guess that's forever now, huh?), I will remember your birthday.

So. Happy Birthday. I love you. For so long you were like one of my own little brood. When you got married, I felt like I was sort of marrying off a daughter. But now, you're a wife, and you have kids of your own, and when you call and we talk, it's not the same. We are now peers.

It's different. I like it.

Also, I think you should have a kid on my birthday and name it after me. Lizzy refused.


  1. Hey now, I just refused to be pregnant that long :)

  2. Thank you Amber. Even though you were a day off, I really enjoyed hearing you sing happy birthday. I also enjoyed that you didn't call me at 6 am the next day to do it all over again.

  3. To be fair to my wife I didn't program the date in wrong, the reminder is given the day before, so rather than rushing to get a present on the day I can rush to get a present the day before. No present this year...sorry, cut backs you know?


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