Wednesday, June 1

Fresh Fruit

Let me just say how much I enjoy this time of year, the whole May/June thing, with the gorgeous flowers and the mild weather (except the tornado part) and the fresh fruit!

Yes, I have ten pounds of strawberries in my house. PLUS about a gallon of farm-fresh cream. Yes, we will be combining the two and eating it all up like greedy little imps.

Don't you wish you were here?

I went grocery shopping with my husband last night, and found my self wanting to ditch the bread and eggs and potatoes and flour, and completely load my entire cart up with all those luscious, tempting

      blueberries and

                 plums and

                          apples and

                                    blackberries and

                                              watermelon and

Excuse me, I might be drooling on the keyboard.

I am grateful for fresh fruit. Hot house strawberries in December just can't compete with picking the little sweet, tangy, juicy ones from Grandma's strawberry patch on Memorial Day weekend, or eating a fat slice of watermelon so drippy you practically need a bib (I used a paper towel). Thank you, Summer for being so tasty! It makes it a lot easier for me to endure the humidity and the poison ivy and ticks and sunburns and the air conditioning bill. Also, I am grateful for air conditioning. It probably merits a post all its own.

What have you been blessed with today?

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