Friday, June 3

Good Cause

Date night was planned by someone else, this week. Several someones, really. The Young Women in our Branch hosted a spaghetti dinner and homemade dessert auction to help raise money for camp this year. They charged by the person and made yummy spaghetti with authentic, handmade meatballs, serving it with generic salad-from-a-bag and winning smiles.

If it hadn't been date night, and we had decided to take our entire brood, the Young Women would have made off like bandits just from our family alone. But we decided to stick to the date night ideals; it was a concession to bring along the baby, and we did it only because so many of our friends would be less enthusiastic to see us if she is not there as well.

It was very fun to sit and talk with friends, and (gently) heckle the girls as they served side dishes and entrĂ©es, refilled drinks and bussed tables. The dessert auction was very entertaining, and we bid all that we had brought with us on two delectable chocolate confections. Mark joked about having been on much cheaper dates, and how we paid for the double-layer chocolate raspberry cake at a dollar per raspberry. But it was very yummy.

And it was for a good cause. I am grateful for good causes. Particularly ones where it's a win-win sort of thing: I gave money, they entertained and fed us. We happily drove up the prices on several desserts we couldn't afford, and everyone shared around the purchased confections when it was all over. I am grateful to be part of a community and a Branch that circles the wagons, if you will, and helps each other out. I'm grateful for an evening with friends, and for the fact that my husband and I didn't have to play the "I dunno, what do you want to do?" game. 

What are you blessed with today?

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