Tuesday, June 28

Sincere Praise

We often feed the missionaries dinner. Tonight, one of the Elders was ill, so a young man from our branch filled in for him.

Dinner was chicken enchiladas and rice + side dish stuff. This is something I don't serve often, because I don't feel that "eat your food or suffer the consequences!" is very good dinner table conversation. When we have guests -which isn't often enough, frankly - I know I can serve more interesting food and still have people eat/enjoy it...besides my husband and myself, that is.

Well. This young man more than enjoyed it. He raved about it. He politely requested seconds. He declared it better than the food at his favorite restaurant. He said I should open a restaurant of my own. He sheepishly accepted thirds. He just about licked his plate.

Sometimes I forget the amazing power of a sincere compliment or two (or several!). At the time, it was just scattered into the general dinner conversation. And my husband and the Elder both mentioned how tasty it was to them. But it is the enthusiastic and repeated praise of this young man that keeps rolling through my head, and every time I remember it, I smile.

I am grateful for sincere praise. I forget how much I am buoyed up by it until it happens again. It's a bit of a chore for me to accept it, too, because my reaction is to point out all the flaws and reasons praise is not necessary. I'm working on it. Accepting sincere compliments and  praise is a crucial part of being whole. Giving it, I feel, is doing God's work for Him in helping His children feel loved, needed, important and unique. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of that, on the giving and receiving end.

What are you blessed with today?

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