Wednesday, June 29


Today is the birthday of my grandmother-in-law, who is no longer with us. She is my husband's maternal grandma. She has been gone a tad over a year now, and it still seems like I am about to see her around the corner, or hear her voice on the phone.

I do miss her, but not in a miserable way. Her life was long and full and lived with grace and dedication. I love her. I love her for the example she was to me, and for the influence she is to my children, and for the wonderful memories we all have thanks to her.

If you must know, I knew her better than either one of my own grandmothers.

I am grateful for remembrances. I am grateful for the chance to know this woman, and to have her in our lives while she was here. I am grateful for her legacy of faith and service. I draw upon it often, for myself and for my children. I am going to keep marking her birthday on my calendar, year after year, because it is a good thing to remember.

What are you blessed with today?

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