Friday, May 27

A Rose by Any Other Name

Yes, it's another family birthday. I have seven children, remember? And three of our children were born in May.

Today it is the birthday of my little Rose. Rose is her middle name, but it has found its way into most of her nicknames. She loves roses -especially red ones! - and has adopted them as her logo, and loves to draw a rose every time she signs her name.

Not that she is a girlie-prissy-sissy girl. She also loves wolves, sharks, dragons and dangerous animals in general. She climbs trees and porch railings and play sets and door frames and whatever else. Definitely a climbing Rose.

She is not a tomboy, though, because she does love dresses and dancing and make-believe and fairies, and cooking and holding babies and sewing and drawing and painting...really, art in general. Certainly a beautiful Rose.

She is also a snuggler. She enjoys hugs and sitting on her daddy's lap, and she wants to sit next to me on the couch during movies or family scripture study. She will crawl into bed with our baby and just lay there, watching her while she naps. Kind of a clinging Rose.

I guess she is just a natural child, she does what she likes and defies the labels and stereotypes anyone would try to stick her with. Possibly a wild Rose.

Happy birthday to my Rose. A Rose by any other name still wins my heart with her thoughtful kindness and sweet face.

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