Sunday, March 6

52 Words Challenge: Bliss

Here is another word from the {Words of Me} Project's 52 Words Challenge: bliss.

Hmmm. Bliss. What an interesting word. It conjures up images of chocolate ice cream in summer time and hot soup on cold rainy days. Is bliss merely a function of comfort? Or is comfort a part of bliss? We don't use the word bliss much, except maybe to imply cluelessness or tinged with jealousy: "ignorance is bliss" "marital bliss" though we see someone experience it, and we feel awkward on their behalf, or we wish we had ordered the cheesecake, too.

The definition of bliss is "a state of profound satisfaction, happiness and joy, a constant state of mind undisturbed by gain or loss". Certainly, that is not the definition I would have given if you had asked me off the top of my head. But I think it is weighty in it's significance. Who among us would not want happiness that is not altered by gain or loss?

The only application I can think of for the true meaning of bliss is in the Atonement of Christ, and the plan of salvation I have access to because of it. No matter what happens (or doesn't happen) to me and in my life, I know He is there, and I have access to the power He has has given me. My testimony is sure, I am confident in my position in His grace, I am certain of the plan.

This means, I suppose, that bliss is mine. I have bliss, because I have a witness of Jesus Christ as my Redeemer, and of my Father in Heaven's plan of eternal happiness. Surely, by definition, "eternal happiness" is "undisturbed by gain or loss". I am surprised by where this train of thought has traveled: I am grateful for bliss. I think I will make more of an effort to recognize bliss in my life.

What are you blessed with today?


  1. I love where you went with this, Amber!! Our Savior is bliss...knowing what He did for us is Bliss...our Church is Bliss...all these things, if we choose to accept them and then live the Commandments brings us Bliss!!!

    I am so blessed with a husband who puts up with me!

  2. We (people generally) seem to have trivialized the word bliss. The definition is beautiful, and contemplating the times in my life when I have bliss is sweet. What is sweeter still is that I can honestly say that more often than not my life is blissful because of you! I love you Amber.


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