Tuesday, March 8

Seeking Love

Tonight my husband took me out to see the play "Bus Stop". It nice to go to a play, as opposed to a movie. It was billed as a comedy, but I guess I just read too much into things. Not that I didn't enjoy it. But it isn't funny for me to see people seeking so earnestly without actually finding. It seemed to me that it was all about love: losing love, wanting love, finding love, missing love the first time love found you, looking for love in the wrong heart, getting a second chance at love...

I suppose we are all seeking love. I know I am loved (I have a loving husband, my sweet children, a huge, close family and an even more vast network of friends, blessed lady that I am), but I still seek love. As I sit here thinking about it, I believe that I am always on the hunt for the evidences of love: a hug, a consideration, a kindness, a thoughtful gesture, a thing of beauty just for me.

But, now that I have made that little list, I see that I am given the evidences of love all the time. I miss seeing them, I think, because I am looking for other things instead ("Lord, I'm sick of this manna, just give me a cheeseburger, please!")

So, in all of my seeking, I need to allow myself to actually find. The most effective way to find love is to seek God. I do, I am not ashamed to say it. I seek God daily. And on those occasions when I allow myself to see Him, I feel love. I am thankful for the seeking, and for the love.

What are you blessed with today?


  1. I'm blessed with wonderful conversations. I love feeling the Spirit when I talk about the gospel!

  2. I think you are wise beyond your years! I love reading your posts, they're insightful and inspiring. I always find myself doubling my efforts and focusing on what's truly important after I talk to you or read one of your posts. I have been more aware of the love I feel from my sweet family in the last few days. They have blessed me with true joy. I'm so grateful for a loving, supportive husband who stands by my side through it all and supports me and for sweet innocent children. I can't think of a greater blessing. And, I agree that the love we feel from our Father in Heaven is unconditional and complete, but we have to seek it and allow it in our lives. The Adversary is real and wants nothing more than for us to feel confusion and unrest, I know this too. Most importantly, I know that we can find peace and love from the Savior and His Atonement. This is the greatest love that I have ever felt. Thanks for the post, Amber. I love this blog!


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