Friday, March 11


We are blessed to be friends with an entrepreneur, the old-fashioned kind, with about a dozen business ventures going at any one time. He is so full of enthusiasm for what he does, it's infectious. He works long and hard and loves every minute of it. He is the kind of man I want my kids to look up to. I am so glad to know him, and to be able to point to him and say to my children (and myself), "that's why we work, that's why work is good."

The newest venture this man has cooked up is gleaning corn. He has arranged with different farmers to allow people to come walk their harvested fields and pick up the ears of corn missed by the harvesting machines. It's a lot of corn. And he hired my kids.

They were not as excited as I was when I told them they had a job. But they went, even the six-year-old. And he worked them hard all morning.

Not one of them complained when they got home. Why? Because he paid them. There, in their grubby paws, was the reward for their work. They have so loved having money. And they are waiting and willing to go glean again.

I am grateful for opportunities: opportunities to teach, to learn, to work, to earn money. I am grateful to know different people in my life with a full array of interests and assets and ideas. My family and I are richer - financially and metaphysically - because of just such people.

What are you blessed with today?

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