Sunday, January 16


I did something huge for me. And it turned out marvelously. If you know me, "shy" and "timid" and "hesitant" aren't words I would normally apply to myself. But that's until I leave my small world of home and family and friends and venture out into Reality.

I am embarrassed to relate that this week, we experienced a fiasco of the finances. There was an error in our checking account, and it was not in our favor. I'm on money matters at our house, so the mistake was mine. That right there is sufficient to level my confidence to zip. My default coping mechanism in these situations is to explain it in detail to my husband...and let him solve it. That wasn't an option, as time (and money!) were on the line, and waiting until he had an opportunity was risky.

Don't think I didn't pray. I did. "Help!" I pleaded heavenward. Then, I did my hair and my makeup (!), picked up my confidence and dusted it off, and went to the bank. I don't like dealing with people in their professional capacities. It always seems slightly forced and vaguely manipulative, and I feel like a fourteen-year-old girl again. So, this is a hard thing for me. But, I did it. And it worked! The woman I spoke with was kind and understanding, and agreed to waive the (very hefty) insufficient funds fees.

And when I walked out of the bank, our account was in the black, and my confidence was buzzing brightly!  "Thank you," I replied to the sky.

I am thankful for confidence, and for people who are warm and compassionate when they are on the clock and wearing a name tag.

What are you blessed with today?

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  1. I am so blessed to have all that I have. Family, friends, and great opportunities. I thank God every day in my heart for the person I was, the person I am today, and the person I hope to be.


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