Thursday, January 20


I left town, headed for a party (well, it was a "sales" party, but a social occasion nonetheless).  When I got there, the party had been canceled.  But I ended up stayed for an hour of visiting, all the same.  It was totally unplanned, and it was a very pleasant visit. 

I love visiting.  I am a huge proponent of the sport.  It is no small casualty of our online social networking world, I think, that friends don't do as much actual face-to-face visiting anymore.  I, for one, miss it.  I mean, I very much enjoy the interface and connectivity made possible through texting and facebook and blogging (obviously).  Even so, I am very grateful for friends who take the time to just hang out and chat, and who don't mind a bit when someone drops in unexpectedly; for friends who invite you to pull up a chair, take off your coat and stay a while.

I am grateful for visiting.

What are you blessed with today?

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