Sunday, May 22

Another Birthday

Yes, May is a bountiful harvest of happy birthdays at our house. Today is the birthday of my fifth baby. She was born the week we moved,which really threw us off, because we weren't expecting her for another three weeks.

We celebrated with her favorite breakfast before Church (pull-aparts), a very pink and fancy new dress, and chocolate chip cookies to hand out to her Sunday School class. Then we finished off the day with a family outing to try out the brand new playground at a local park. We will be having a birthday party for her and her gal pals later this week.

I love this little person. She is such an earnest, thoughtful girl. She is attentive, willing, affectionate, and wants more than anything to be good. I have not always been patient with her unique intense way of seeing Life. I have learned a lot of things being her mommy.

I am so thankful very for her. I am thankful to be her mom, and enjoy her sweetness and silliness. And I am also thankful for yet another birthday, and the birthday celebrations stacked steep and deep. I love my family, and each person in it. I sometimes let myself get sucked into the stress of planning and inviting and mailing off cards, and I allow that to ruin the joy sometimes. But I am getting better about it. And I am thankful for that, too.

What have you been blessed with today?

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