Saturday, May 21

God is an Auto Mechanic

Driving home from a "girls night out" Friday night, the radiator on our little car blew. Actually, I didn't know that was what happened, but I knew something had just happened. The car was still going, and I was nearly home, and limped into the driveway.

I told my husband what happened - complete with quasi-useful sound effects - and we both agreed that our scheduled temple trip Saturday morning was not going to happen. He thought it was the CV joint, which has been making noise for a while, and which he already planned to fix.

Saturday morning, he went to the store to buy an impact wrench so he could fix the CV joint (?). It's a pricey tool, but we had a little bit in savings, and it was cheaper than taking the car in to the shop. He even called around to get the best price on it.

At the lumber store, he ran into an acquaintance, and they were talking shop. Lo and behold, this guy has an impact wrench we can borrow. Coincidence? Of course not. And the money we saved because of his generosity was about what we needed to buy a new radiator, which my husband discovered as he was finishing up the CV joint.

In the scriptures, God has so many names and titles. Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father.

To that list, I would like to add Auto Mechanic. It's not disrespectful. If you believe that God is all-wise and all-knowing, it makes sense that He knows everything about cars, right? He knows who to send to the lumber store that knows us and has the tool my husband needs. He also knows what we can afford, and that it is much better to limp a few blocks home late one evening instead of being stranded on a lonely country road, miles from home and in our Sunday clothes, trying to figure out what just happened to the car.

Here is a song that expresses this same sentiment much better than I can.

What have you been blessed with today?

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