Tuesday, March 15

Counting Blessings, Not Sheep

I can't sleep. I am haunted by my whining, and by how much I whine, and by how little I have to whine about.

The news is full of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I am safe in my home in my little Midwestern town, with all my family healthy and accounted for. But it's more personal than that.

The afternoon after our Pi Party, we were out gleaning corn with friends. And off in one corner of the cornfield, my oldest daughter and her friend were working and joking. And then her friend collapsed. At first, we thought she was joking. Then we thought she had fallen and broken something (it was pretty muddy). But later, after they got her to the hospital, and then transferred to the children's hospital, it was discovered she had suffered from a stroke.

She is eleven years old.

Who sees that coming? How dare I complain about uncooperative children and a messy house and a sleep headache when our friends are in the city at the hospital tonight with their little girl, wondering if she will walk again?

I am blessed. That's why I keep this blog. To help me remember how blessed I am. God forgive me for being ungrateful. I am blessed, I am blessed, I am blessed.

I will count blessings instead of sheep. I will pray for our friends and their daughter and her recovery. I will quit whining.

What are you blessed with today?


  1. This whole situation has me counting my blessings. We pray for her recovery every night.
    I am thankful for medical advances. So that, hopefully, our little friend will recover and be able to come home soon.

  2. Please keep us posted on this little girl. I hope she recovering with few side-effects. We are all so blessed.


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