Tuesday, February 8

Friend Available

I have mentioned the once-a-week home school enrichment classes in which we are involved. What I didn't say was that I take all of my children with me when I go. Of course, my three "students", and of course my little nurseling, but also my three preschoolers, including the toddler. All seven of them. And we are at the enrichment classes for four hours straight. Plus drive time.

Enter my friend.* She has oh-so-graciously welcomed my three preschoolers to stay and play at her house for those hours. This is such a blessing for me. It allowed me to focus on my students and their classes. It frees me up from chasing the toddler and policing emergency potty breaks and the pressures of being a fountain of entertainment in reply to the chorus of boredom.

To be perfectly honest, she makes enrichment classes possible for us. If I had to take all of my children with me, for the entire duration, I know my patience and endurance would be insufficient. Because she said "yes", I was able to say "yes".

So, I am grateful for my friend, for her mellow disposition and her laid-back approach to all things involving little kids. And for her availability: for being available today, and for the next ten Tuesdays. What a gal.

What are you blessed with today?

*Really, I have been blessed with so many wonderful friends. I am intentionally not naming names, and titling posts after them, however. I don't wish to offend anyone mentioned, undermentioned or not mentioned at all. So, you're stuck with generic references. It's about the gratitude, not the roll call.

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