Thursday, January 27

Team Effort

The room we refer to as the "play room" has been in a disreputable state since New Years. I deep-cleaned it for our family movie marathon, and it was exactly the way it should be. The ensuing descent into abject chaos was slow at first, but always inevitable.

Today, nearly a full month later, I decided the situation was desperate enough, it needed to take precedence over whatever else was an option for the afternoon.

To their credit, my children came when I called them, and got started when I handed out assignments. We all worked together, with School House Rock as our soundtrack (to keep the two-year-old from completely sabotaging our efforts). Even so, it took a full hour.

My husband walked in the door when we were twenty minutes in, and he got on his hands and knees and started in, as well. The baby lay on the couch, burbling away. We chatted casually, the conversation peppered with things like, "Who's is this?" and "Where does this go?" There was a minimum of nagging, and a total absence of nasty tempers.
It really only took half an hour to get it to "substantial completion." Then he went down to start dinner. The two oldest stayed with me, finishing off some minor details. Someone started vacuuming the stairs. We organized the movies and took out the trash. We dusted (a little, anyway), and vacuumed.  And when my husband called us all to dinner, the play room was perfect. One perfectly clean room in the house.  .

I love working together as a team. There aren't a lot of things we do as a family that we can all participate in as equals. It is so pleasant when it does happen.  I am thankful for team effort.

What are you blessed with today?

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