Monday, January 24

Neighborly Assistance

We got eight inches of snow! Plus some tremendous drifts. First thing after the snow stopped, my husband and my oldest son "suited up" and started digging out our driveway. They were hard at it when our neighbor from across the street pulled up on his four-wheeler, with a snow plow attached to the front, and helped them finish it off. Even so, it took an hour to completely clear the driveway. Then, cold as it was, he went on to plow out several other homes on our street. Just because he is that sort of man.

I love our neighbors. They are so thoughtful and kind. The family across the street isn't the only one; the couple across the alley has a four-wheeler, and they have plowed our driveway after many a snowfall. We have never asked them to do it, they are just like that.

I remember being totally surprised the first time it happened, I almost cried. My gratitude toward them usually takes the form of a plateful of cookies, or a batch of homemade muffins. It seems insignificant by comparison. But it is truly sincere.

Today I am thankful for neighborly assistance. We are so very blessed with the kindest of neighbors, all around us!

What are you blessed with today?

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