Wednesday, January 26

Small Moments

Today, I had several small moments.

First, my husband let me sleep in. It felt so good, in a guilty sort of way. I am embarrassed to admit what time it was when I finally rolled out of bed.

Second, I got to read stories with my toddler and my four-year-old SEPARATELY. This is noteworthy because they both want stories all the time (the toddler actually hauls a stack of books around with him!), and whenever one gets stories, the other worms in on the event. It was some sweet one-on-one time.

Third, I gave my baby a bath. But not just the usual infant bath. I ran a real, deep, warm tub, and she and I got to splash around together at our leisure. I even locked the bathroom door so the toddler wouldn't invade, and no one would interrupt.  She loved every minute, and I am thinking I should treat us (or just me) to a bath more often.

Fourth, I worked with my six-year-old on her reading. She has such a keen mind. It amazes me how quickly she grasps things, and what she can work out on her own with minimal guidance and instruction from me. I often wonder how I will ever do her capacity justice. It is fun for me to watch her learn.

There were others. There always are. I am grateful for the small moments that make up my days, that impact me gently and absolutely.

What are you blessed with today?

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  1. I am grateful for humility. It can save one from many an ungraceful moment!


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