Saturday, March 26

Foul Weather

It seems like a tradition where I live: every year, during Spring Break, it snows. And we all moan and whine about it. Every year.

It snowed yesterday. And this morning. But I am not whining. Why? Because the snow has facilitated a lovely, leisurely Saturday morning. Soccer games have been cancelled. The service project has been cancelled. Instead of running around meeting the different items in our itinerary and checking Stuff off our List, we had the first good bit of "down time" we've had in a great while.

It was blissful.

Yup, good stuff. This morning was like a Saturday morning out of Myth and Legend. We don't see them very often, and I was beginning to think they didn't actually exist any more.

I am grateful for foul weather. I am grateful for time with my little family with no outside obligations and no pressing time commitments. I am grateful for breakfast for lunch.

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