Thursday, March 24

Open Thank You Note: Zanna & the Purple Blanket

Dear Zanna,

I have been sitting here holding my sweet baby wrapped up in her "Zanna" blanket. You have made a blanket for all my babies since I've known you (not to mention countless other babies!). All of them are loved and used and washed (repeat!), but this one is my personal favorite.

Every one of my children has used this blanket. We all love the soft side, and we have used it all winter long, it's so warm! I have missed snuggling my baby's soft skin, because it was winter, and we needed to keep her dressed and bundled and warm. But this blanket makes it so I can cuddle her squishy little self all wrapped up in the warmth and softness. I can wrap her up right after a bath and hold her close and nuzzle her neck. Plus, it's so regally purple, as is befitting a Princess.

Thank you for this blanket. Thank you for your friendship, and for all the warmth and comfort and love you bring into my life.


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