Wednesday, March 23

52 Words Challenge: Order

The next word from the {Words of Me} Project's 52 Word Challenge is: Order.

Oh dear. 

Can I choose the definition on this one? Is it Order as in "order a cheeseburger" or "an executive order"? Does it have to be Order as in " a house of order, a house of God"?

See, the definition matters. Because putting things in order is something I struggle with. Actually, I am really good at putting things in order, it's making the time to do so that I never seem to master (I say, as I sit here blogging instead of keeping house). 

I love order, I really do. My favorite things are usually tools of order, such as office supplies, and bookshelves. Shall I confess to the unholy coveting I have indulged in over the overpriced organization systems in the Pottery Barn catalogs? It's true.

I truly believe that adage about cleanliness being next to godliness. It's so much easier to feel at peace, and to have Christlike feelings to my fellow house-mates when the house is in order. I know from experience that sustained mental clarity can only follow physical orderliness. 

And there is something infinitely satisfying about taking a situation of chaos and disarray and bringing it to order. There are a few places in my life that never seem to be in order. But there are some things that are. Or, at least, often are. And I am thankful for those moments in those places. I am grateful for my mother, who taught me how to clean and organize and "de-junk" and put things to rights. I am grateful for my children, who are learning. And who are even happy about helping often enough for it to matter. 

What are you blessed with today?

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