Thursday, March 3


That "Five Love Languages" thing, it can change, you know. I think mine is now "physical touch", which it didn't used to be. I am a sucker for a good hug, for holding hands, for snuggling. I was holding my baby this evening, and petting her soft little head with my nose. Love it.

A professed "hands-on" person, to be sure, it was kind of a surprise to claim "physical touch" as the primary way I feel loved. As a mother, I get "touched out" on a regular basis. I suppose it's all in the type of touch. I notice how I have never turned down a foot rub. (Who has?)

This comes up for discussion because today I am thankful for kisses: from that unexpected kiss on the cheek from Great-grandpa on Sunday, to my four-year-old who will not to go to bed without kissing everyone, to butterfly kisses from my girls, to the (sometimes snot-garnished) smooches of my toddler, to the "honey, I'm home" kiss from my wonderful husband.

I love kisses. I love having my children sidle up to me out of the blue and lean on my shoulder for a moment, then kiss me on the cheek and wander away. I love it when my husband pulls me close at the end of a hard day and kisses my forehead. I love kissing my mom good-bye on her soft cheek, and how she cocks her head to the side to be accommodating. Lovelovelove it.

I am so thankful for kisses, and all that they imply.

What are you blessed with today?

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