Tuesday, March 1

Smooth Sailing

Ah, today was a busy day. So much to do here at home, a couple of big things on the schedule...busy, busy, busy. Toss in the mix the whims and needs of my children, and it is never a guarantee that things will run according to plan. In fact, I usually plan on it NOT running thusly. That way, if/when it does, I can be pleasantly surprised, not "madder'n a wet hen", as my mother is want to say.

Today, however, ran like it needed to, MUCH to my pleasure and surprise. I mean, I was exhausted, and had a headache when it was all over. But everything that had to get done got done, and all the things that truly needed to happen were able to happen. So, when my head hits the pillow (in a couple of minutes), I can sleep. As opposed to, say, going over what went wrong in my head, or beating myself up about what didn't get done. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

So, I am grateful for smooth sailing. And ibuprofen. Yup, when taken as a whole, it has been a good day.

What are you blessed with today?

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