Sunday, February 20

Sing Praise

I love to sing. I am not as good as it as I would like, mostly because I am an alto who cannot read music, so I am stuck singing the melody. Sometimes that's OK, but often I wish I could sing a lovely harmony.

Before we were even interested in each other, I would attend FHE with my husband's family, for many reasons, but mostly because they always sang together. In four-part harmony. I loved it. As the years have rolled on, they don't do it as much. But once in a while, when everyone is together, they bust out the hymn books, and my mother-in-law turns on the organ (yes, she has an organ at her house!), and we all sing our hearts out.

This evening, we were together with several friends from Church. We ate snacks and talked about all sorts of things. And then, someone sat at the piano, and we pulled out some hymn books, and everyone started singing. We sang whatever hymn anyone wanted to sing. I stood at the back for most of it (my baby was being a little fussy), reading over someone's shoulder. One lady pulled up the text of the hymns on her iPhone, and I sang along with her, too.

It was heavenly. I love to sing, to sing loudly with friends, and I love to sing hymns. I don't think one can sing too many hymns. I have so many favorites. It is easy to sing when I am singing praise. My belief in God is very sure. I want so much to see Him again someday. I don't think all we do in Heaven is sit around and play harps and sing. But I do hope we get the chance to do it on occasion. I am thankful for the lift that singing is to me, especially when it is such uplifting singing as the hymns of praise.

What are you blessed with today?

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  1. I feel the same way! Singing that night with so many wonderful people strengthened my testimony.


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