Saturday, February 19

Actual Relief

Relief Society. I have been saying those two words together all my life. So much so that they often lose their meaning to me. My mother was in the Relief Society all my growing up. I am in the Relief Society. It means so much to me, in so many ways. All that is good about my life I owe in no small part to the Relief Society.

Today was the Relief Society activity and luncheon. Of course I have planned to go all along. But this morning, I really wanted to sleep a little longer. I wanted to not haul myself and my baby all the way to the stake center and home again.

I went anyway. 

It was absolutely worth it. I am so glad I pried myself off the mattress and went. What a wonderful morning! I love how I feel after each and every Relief Society event. It is such true relief for my spirit.  I am grateful for the Relief Society in my life, and for my Relief Society sisters. They teach me so much. 

What are you blessed with today? 

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