Sunday, January 9


Even though it's the second Sunday of the year, today was my first day teaching the bumper crop of Sunbeams in Primary.  In the past, I have been known to say  - only somewhat sarcastically - that I don't really like kids.  Today, that wasn't true, not one little bit.  I love these little souls!  They are so bright, not just with intelligence, but with enthusiasm and joy for life.  Each one is an individual, a fully fledged person.  They are only three (three!) years old, but they are eager and intent on doing what is right and good.

I have five Sunbeams, and four of them are oldest sons, little alpha males, all.  And the lone girl is a forceful personality in her own right.  It would not be an exaggeration to say I had been dreading this Sunday with these children for weeks.

But it was wonderful.  These are (somewhat) fiercely independent beings, to be sure.  Nevertheless, I found myself delighted as I began to make their acquaintances and earn their friendship.  They are so sweet.  And I am surprised by how much I miss my little flock of sunbeams from last year, now that they have moved on and moved up.

Today I am thankful for my Sunbeams, and for the opportunity to teach them and to learn from them, and get to know them....cute lil' things!

What are you blessed today?

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