Tuesday, January 11

Kid-Friendly Reads

At least twice as I was falling asleep last night, I thought I ought to get up and do a post, as I had never gotten to it yesterday.  But I opted for sleep instead, which was a good thing.  My toddler is ill, and he climbed into bed next to me just before 4:30 this morning.  None of us slept very well after that.  So choosing sleep was good.

Once morning was inevitable, I changed and fed and watered my little patient, and then tucked him back in to my bed, surrounded by books.  He is a really active person, normally, but with a stack of books and a comfy spot, he will calmly sit and peruse them all.  Today, he was surrounded by his board books, pillows, and solicitous sisters...sisters who read to him and fetched him drinks and goofed off for his entertainment and otherwise met his every need.  And after the girls lost interest in playing nurse-maid, the books were still there for him.  Sandra Boynton and Eric Carle make it a lot easier to be a sick little boy.

Today, I am thankful for good little books for sick little kids.

What are you blessed with today?


  1. I knew there was a missing Phogle on Sunday, just didn't realize it was George. Hope he starts feeling better.
    Today I am thankful for hot chocolate and internet during these super cold snow days.

  2. Today I'm grateful for love, in all shapes and sizes :)


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