Tuesday, July 12


Even though it's a Tuesday - and not a Friday - my husband took me out tonight. We didn't do anything special, we just left the children and left the house, and did something not relating to parenting or housekeeping/homemaking for an hour or so.

This was highly irregular. It was also highly enjoyable.

Summer is so jam-packed busy! Everyone seems to be going thirteen directions at once, and we're no exceptions. Sometimes I feel like my husband (who is my favorite person on the planet, no contest) and I are just ships passing in the night, exchanging signals across the bow. So, to take a break in the middle of the week to reconnect was heavenly.

I am grateful for irregular moments like that. Spontaneity is my native tongue, and Advanced Planning and Scheduled are my second languages...I'm not fluent, and I miss the comfort of my native speech. I am grateful for a husband who will ignore my protests about unfinished laundry and untidy rooms, and take me out for some adult interaction to firm up my brain that is slowly turning to mommy mush. Oh, and you must know how grateful I am for a gift certificate that let us eat out with out totally throwing off our precariously balanced budget. Definitely grateful for that!

What are you blessed with today?

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