Wednesday, July 13

High School Memories

Today is the birthday of one of my closest high school friends. I could go on and on about the hi-jinks and inside jokes and drama and good times we had. It's really fun for me to think back, and to tell my children stories of the silly and enjoyable things we did.

One tradition we had was to go to the greeting card shop (or aisle), and read greeting cards. We each tried to find the funniest or quirkiest or most original card to show the other. And then we would buy it. And save it, in case we ever found the perfect moment (or person) to use it for.

I haven't seen my friend since her 2006. We keep tabs on each other via the Interned (we shamelessly stalk each other on facebook!) and Christmas cards. But I miss her. She has a cute little boy I have never met; I've had two more children since we last saw each other.

I meant to get her an amazing and quirky card and mail it off, but I never did take the time on the greeting card aisle to hunt one down. It's strange for me, when I think about how much a part of each others lives we were, and how little we are involved now. How does that happen? Life moves on, but looking back over the years doesn't feel like it's been that long.

I am grateful for high school memories. Of course, it was high school, so it wasn't all good times and inside jokes and hi-jinks. But that's what I remember most. And I am grateful for my friends, who have kept tabs on me through the years. Even though we aren't involved in the tiny little details of each other's day-to-day lives (what belt matches with these shoes? do you think he noticed me? did you study for chemistry?), we are still connected. I am grateful for that part of me, and my life, to remember and to share. I am grateful for those connections.

What are you blessed with today?

(Happy Birthday, Tiffany!)

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