Saturday, June 11

Order in My Universe

Do I go on and on about cleaning my house? It seems like it to me. Perhaps, because I am making such an effort to foster a thankful heart, I try to see the good side to the things that easily frustrate and upset me. I really am grateful to have a house for my family. It is a good house, and a good home. I am thankful to have all the comforts we enjoy here, and I am glad that our life is blessed with plenty.

Sometimes, though, it would be nice if all that blessing and plenty cleaned and organized itself.

In the last two days, we put the finishing touches on a perfectly clean and orderly living room. It has been in various stages of disarray for weeks and weeks. Now, I find myself wandering in there just to sit and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Have you noticed how people are drawn to order and cleanliness? It's amazing and interesting. Even my super-energetic toddler calms down and hangs around in the clean room.

I am grateful for "order in my Universe". This is a phrase I borrowed from my sister-in-law. I love it, and have borrowed it for my own use. It is certainly applicable to my life. Of course, my Universe may never be all in order, all at once. But I will settle for pockets of order here and there. Maybe just one little solar system here and there. I am grateful for a place to sit and put my feet up and rest for a bit...and then go back to the tasks at hand.

What are you blessed with today?

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