Friday, June 10

Back-and-Forth Cow

Once, I heard the folktale of the Back-and-Forth Cow: two families, as neighbors, both have milk cows. Then one cow dies and that family falls on hard times. The other family gives their cow to the first to help out the neighbor. Some time later, their situations are reversed, and the second family gives the cow back to the first. Over the years, they give the cow back and forth to each other, blessing the lives of both families in times of need, the end.

That phrase, "the back-and-forth cow", has become part of my lexicon, and it is a good description for my relationship with more than a few of my friends.

One such friend happens to also be a sister...God made us sisters, we chose to be friends, thank Heaven. Anyway, we have helped out each other many, many times over the years.

First, because I'm older, it was me helping her. A lot. Then, it was her helping me. A lot. Now it is a little bit here, a little bit there, and it evens out for the most part.

But I think, if you stopped and took the time to count the cows moving back and forth between our homes,

I am confident that she has sent a cow over to my house many more times than I have sent one back. Just this week, she helped me in a big way to pull off a neat thing for one of my children. I called her up, knowing she had connections and looking for suggestions. And she countered my idea with something much more generous and fabulous.


I opened my barn door and let in one more cow.

I am grateful for the Back-and-Forth Cow. I am so happy to serve and help and lift for others, and I am humbled and grateful when someone reaches out to serve and help and lift for me. And when we do it like that, swapping out serving and being served on a regular basis, it builds a lasting and enjoyable friendship. I am grateful for my cow-toting, service-oriented sister. I am watching like a hawk for my next chance to send a cow her way.

What are you blessed with today?


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