Monday, May 16

External Deadlines

I can do a lot of things very well. I can even do some things excellently. What I can't do is get any of them done on time. I mean, if I say to myself, "I want to have this done by this afternoon," then it may or may not get accomplished by the end of the month.


If I tell someone else that I will get it done by this afternoon, then - by golly! - it will be done before dinner!

What is it about me and my weak self-discipline? I will make and keep commitments for just about everyone else but myself.

Want to exercise regularly? Promise to go walking with someone at a specific time/day! Want to get my house clean? Invite someone over for dinner! Want to read a certain book? Commit to give a presentation on it in three weeks! Jonessing for some home improvements? Uhm, I basically have to have another baby for that one.

So, it's not a perfect system. But it's what I've got, until I spontaneously develop some self-mastery and can accomplish things simply because I want to, and in the time frame I choose.

So, today, I am grateful for external deadlines, because the internally-imposed ones are beyond less effective. And I prefer to have something to show for my life and times.

What are you blessed with today?

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