Wednesday, March 30


Tonight, for the first time in a really long time, my husband and I had one of those very tense, very delicate conversations that is scarily close to a fight. The details are irrelevant, the circumstances personal. I post about it here only because of how it played out: we didn't fight.

We talked, openly, in turn. We listened carefully, to be sure we understood where the other was coming from. There was no name-calling, no unfair references to anyone's heritage, no use of inaccurate superlatives like "never" and "always". I didn't shut down at the first sign of conflict, he didn't refuse to open up and share his side.

It was the most awesome not-an-argument we've ever had.

I am grateful for all of the years behind us where we have learned about each other and how to approach these tricky sorts of moments. I am grateful for the amazing strides we have made in how we talk to each other when emotions are high. I am grateful for the tenderness with which he treats my feelings even when anger is palpable. I am grateful that we can reconcile our differences without either one of us feeling like we got the short end of the deal. I am grateful for the realization that I am finally growing up.

What are you blessed with today?

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