Thursday, March 31

Light Heart

On a recent sunny afternoon, I grabbed my four girls and we ran some errands together. Nothing major, just tooling around town to get a couple things checked off my list. 

First, the bank: we went in - at the behest of the girls, because it's so pretty on the inside, and it's more fun than the drive-up teller window. I deposited and withdrew, they ogled the interior. The teller exclaimed over how sweet they were (were they all mine? oh my!), and the girls were thrilled by the obligatory suckers handed around.

Next, city hall: we parked, and they did the conga line all the way in, except the youngest who just wanted to hold my hand. Once inside, I paid a bill while they looked at pictures of dogs ("so!stinking!cute!") available for adoption at the local animal shelter. As we left, they meandered through the hall, looking at vintage photographs from bygone eras of our town.

Then, the movie rental store: I promised them a rental of "Tangled" as none of us had seen it yet (we approve). More conga line. More playfulness. More people watching them with amusement and possibly wistful looks. 

Home again, home again, jiggity-jog.

I am grateful for my daughters. I rediscover so many things through them. It's true I (often!) feel like tearing out my hair on their behalf. But I am just as often enchanted by their innocence and thoughtfulness. I am grateful for their light hearts. They help to make my heart light as well. It certainly took longer with them in tow, but it was decidedly more enjoyable.

What are you blessed with today?

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  1. Since when did errands get so fun??? I'm a little bit jealous. :)


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