Friday, April 1

Dress Up

Tonight, my husband took me clothes shopping. Yup, you read that right. Apparently I have a genetic deficiency, I lack that crucial feminine shop-for-cute-clothes-for-myself gene. I don't seem to struggle with buying clothes for my children, but if it's for me? Uhm, yeah.

My husband, on the other hand, is quite good at the shopping/dressing thing. And last night he dragged me out of the house (not kicking and screaming, but definitely with a healthy dose of apprehension) and took me shopping for our date night.

To my surprise, we found several things that A) I liked B) were my size C) were modest and D) were in our price range. So he sent me to try them ALL on while he let the shop girls goo and coo at our baby and exclaim over her supreme cuteness.

Can I tell you how much it transforms the shopping experience to have your honey along appraising and being rewarding whilst giving honest opinions? Why haven't I tried it sooner? Goodness.

When we were done, I said, "OK, now it's time to whittle it down." "To what?" he asked. "To the ones we're going to get." "No," he replied, "We're getting all of it."

And he went over and plopped the whole pile on the counter and had the lady ring it ALL up. And paid for it. And took me home.

I am grateful for a husband who cares how I feel about myself, who goes to great (and somewhat pricey!) lengths to help me feel beautiful. I am grateful that he knows how to dress me up, because I seem to be broken that way. I am grateful that he doesn't recoil at the idea of clothes shopping, because that would be two of us too many.

What are you blessed with today?

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