Thursday, February 17

Buck Up

Well, I think it is fairly apparent that giving myself permission to not blog on the actual day of thanks was tantamount to telling my subconsciousness that I was totally off the hook.

I stayed up very late that night, doing a week's worth of gratitude posts. I caught myself up, was back on track, and was feeling pretty good. I went to bed, with it all mentally checked off my list.

I did not think about this blog again for three days.

So. Changing plans again. I am just going to have to buck up and hold myself accountable on this one. Apparently, "holding myself accountable" will need to take the form of not allowing myself to post a day's worth of gratitude after the fact. Unless I come up with a better way to remind myself and stay in the saddle. Until then, here I go again, catching up on my thankful heart. I must say, I am glad this is a free-form thing. I am grateful that I have the flexibility to do what works for me. And I am determined to see this through!

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