Thursday, January 6

The Patience of Heaven

For most of my life, I have flattered myself that I was rather bright.  I mean, I was one of the "smart kids" back when my life was weighed and measured by the public education system.  But I have come to the realization that I am actually a very slow learner, particularly when it comes to the deeper issues of life.

Plan 21 meals in a week and feed 9 people on a budget?  Not too shabby.
Competent editing for your written work?  But of course.
Basic math instruction for the wee folk? Check.
Listening without judging?  Uhm...
Humbly accepting circumstances and working through them?  I uh...
Keeping my promises?  Well, you see...

But God is patient with me.  I love that catchy little song, "God of Second Chances." (song starts @ 1:15)  Instead of striking me down when I blow it so completely, He gives me more time.  He gives me another chance.  He gives me opportunities to learn, and then lets me repeat the lesson (and cheat a little on the tests!) whenever I need it.  Wherever I am deeply flawed in my thinking, He gently illuminates my heart to help me see things the way they really are.  He is so gently, never accusing, never insulting (I can't say as much for my own teaching style.)

Show me a credible university on the planet that offers such an education plan.  Today, I am thankful that God continues to leave me here long enough to "do better next time".  I am thankful for the patience of Heaven

What are you blessed with today?

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