Monday, January 3

Free Time

I've been laying in bed for the past hour, trying to decide what I would choose to express gratitude for.  The options that I came up with ran the spectrum from the mundane to the sublime.

Then, I realized what a lucky little duck I was to be laying in bed, daydreaming, on a Monday morning.  Today is the last day of my husband's Christmas vacation.  That's why I can just poke around and be lazy and introspective.  It has been a wonderful 11½ days.  I look forward to it for months, especially when our lives have gotten as full and chaotic as they were in the four months leading up to the Thanksgiving and Christmas.  To be able to just hunker down and be our own little family, with only the outside obligations and imposed schedules that we choose...that is a slice of heaven.

Therefore, today, this thankful heart is grateful for the blessing that is my husband's good (stable!) job, and for paid time off.  I've tried life without it, and, who knows?  I might have to go without it in the future.  But for now, it is ours, it is a blessing, and I relish it.  And after this post (and maybe a diaper change or two), I think I am going to crawl back into my warm bed and read/knit/daydream/plan/snuggle my babies, and make the most of this last day of free time.

What are you blessed with today?

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  1. I'm grateful for the comfort I feel when I turn to the Lord, and place my burdens on him. Trusting him allows me to get through the day, and life in general, when the adversary works to bring me down. The infinite love I know he has for me...that's the most comforting thing of all. I'm so grateful for his love, and for my knowledge of it, which allows me to become closer to him.


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