Monday, August 22

Guest Post: Going Back to Say Thank You

[from my youngest sister, who spent the first part of her marriage in a really big city, far from everything familiar.]

I am thankful for the ability to say thank you. 

When someone helps you out, and then one day you run into them again and are able to thank them for the difference they made in your life? I love that, and I think it is the most beautiful moment you can share with someone. To let them know they touched your life and to give them the courage to go on doing those small things that require us to step out of ourselves for someone else’s sake.

Last Sunday I went to church and most of the people who were there when I was living here are gone. But one lady who sat next to me every week without fail was there. 

By this small act, she made me feel accepted and more comfortable in a sea of strangers and older, more educated women. She had no idea that something so small as sitting next to me could keep me coming to church and feeling loved. 

Thank you all out there who do these small things that help each of us get through those rough moments in life.

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