Thursday, July 7

Guest Post: Tragedy/Comedy

[from the smart and funny Tapper]

It is said that all the world is a stage.
I won't argue because it often feels like my family is starring in a comedy of errors.
Every day is an act that my husband and I have to direct without a script or a musical score or a safety net!
We really aren't even sure of the plot.
We only know the ending- they all lived happily ever after.
Every day the spotlight sun fades to darkness and the curtain of night falls.
However tragic or euphoric the act has been, we settle into our beds to contemplate our roles, our performances, our tomorrows.
And after the children and breathing deep with sleep my fellow director and I retire to the couch to sigh and laugh and review our little play.
Are we failing? Are we putting on a good show? Are we building our characters?
And for that quiet, starlit hour I am deeply grateful that I cast such a good man in my starring role.
The world might roll their eyes at us, ignore us, even boo us, but when the curtain falls I will be holding the hand that steadies and uplifts me.
I am grateful that no matter how twisted and confusing the play of life may be there is a happily ever after waiting for us if we will claim it.
I am grateful for sleeping children and starlit hours and tomorrows.
What are you blessed with today?

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